1-day workshop

Corporate Development Training

Elevate your impact in corporate development with our dynamic, one-day workshop led by Joern Steinz of the innovation consultancy INNOMINDS. Learn by doing as you immerse yourself in over 20 innovative activities, each carefully crafted to create invaluable insights into fostering and evolving both existing and new business models. This workshop is your opportunity to challenge traditional mindsets and spearhead a culture of innovation within your organization.

Our corporate development training is ideal for leaders, managers, professionals who aim to drive innovation, enhance team performance, and lead transformative changes within their organizations.

Boost your business development, problem-solving, strategy & innovation skills.

Next dates

February 06, 2024
9.30am-5.00pm CET
(Amsterdam & Berlin time)

April 08, 2024
9.30am-5.00pm CET
(Amsterdam & Berlin time)

Live online

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Certificate + slides & templates

What you will learn and agenda

Overview of Business Model Concepts and Tools

  • What is a business model? Developing a common understanding and language.
  • Business model patterns based on leading corporate strategies.
  • Tools to analyse and describe business models.


  • What is strategy? Developing a common language and understanding of strategy.
  • Describing markets based on Porter
  • 4 types of growth strategies.
  • How to develop a strategy based on Blue Ocean versus Red Ocean Thinking
  • Implementing and executing strategy with OKR (Objectives and Key Results).

Describing and Defining Markets

  • How to determine the addressable market.
  • Introduction to the job to be done concepts.

Tools to identify and describe how value can be created 

  • Journey Mapping
  • Value Curves
  • Canvas description
  • Issue tree

Testing Business Ideas

  • How to validate and evaluate business ideas.
  • The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) concept and how to apply it in practice.

Presenting proposals – how to structure presentations for decision-makers

  • The pyramid presentation structure
  • Recommendation tree
  • 5 Sentence Structure
  • Hero´s Journey

Corporate Development Trainer Joern Steinz (MBA)

Joern Steinz, MBA, is a seasoned professional in Corporate Development. He embarked on his career journey after earning his degree from EADA Business School in Barcelona. Joern began his professional tenure at Accenture as a consultant, where he honed his skills and expertise. From 2008 to 2014, he assumed pivotal roles in Corporate Development at both XING and the Freenet Group. During this time, he successfully managed a myriad of projects centered on the development of innovative products, services, and new business areas.

In 2014, Joern founded INNOMINDS, an innovation consulting and training agency based in Hamburg, Germany. Under his leadership, INNOMINDS has been conducting business training courses, primarily focusing on cultivating innovation skills. His dedication and passion for fostering innovative thinking have positioned INNOMINDS as a go-to resource for businesses seeking to thrive in dynamic markets.

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