Presentation Training for Executives

Master the art of effective communication. Enhance leadership skills and influence with advanced presentation techniques

This specialized live online workshop, led by acclaimed presentation coach Joern Steinz, is tailored specifically for executives looking to refine their presentation skills. Drawing upon successful techniques of renowned presenters like Steve Jobs and insights from leading firms like McKinsey, the workshop is a practical, hands-on learning experience. It focuses on the art of impactful storytelling and advanced presentation design, empowering executives to transform their ideas into captivating, influential narratives.

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Key Training Features

  • Advanced presentation techniques from iconic leaders and top consultancies.
  • Interactive, executive-focused exercises with immediate, personalized feedback.
  • Building storytelling skills for compelling, result-driven presentations.

Training Benefits:

  • Strengthen leadership credibility and influence through enhanced presentation skills.
  • Access to a network of like-minded professionals and expert coaching.

Training Goals:

  • Transform into a persuasive and effective storyteller, driving impactful change and achieving desired outcomes within your organization.”

Executive Presentation Coach Joern Steinz (MBA)

Joern Steinz, founder and CEO of the presentation boutique INNOMINDS, infuses fun and innovation into the world of executive presentation coaching. Picture a journey that starts at EADA Business School, zigzags through a consulting gig at Accenture, and lands him in pivotal roles at XING and the freenet group. That’s Joern for you – a career path as colorful as his presentations!

Imagine a world where boardrooms buzz with excitement and stakeholder meetings turn into storytelling sessions. That’s the Steinz effect! He’s not just about pie charts and PowerPoint; he’s about bringing those numbers to life in a way that even the back row can’t help but pay attention. His workshops? Think of them as a rollercoaster ride through the latest presentation trends, peppered with practical tips and a whole lot of ‘aha!’ moments.

His clientele reads like a who’s who of the business world – Allianz, DHL, Mercedes, Lufthansa, you name it. But it’s not just about the big names; it’s about the big changes he brings to each participant. With Joern, you’re not just attending a workshop; you’re signing up for a transformational experience where you walk out ready to conquer the boardroom with a smile. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a bit of that magic in their next presentation?

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