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Our corporate Excel training is an interactive workshop, where participants first receive an explanation and example of a topic and then directly practice the content in an exercise.

Basic Excel Training | 1 day

Tables & Lists

Best practice approach on how to quickly work with any data in Excel

  • Format as table
  • Freeze headlines
  • Eliminate gridlines
  • Navigating through tables with the keyboard
  • Adding and removing rows and columns
  • Sorting data alphabetically or numerically
  • Basic filtering to display only the data that meets certain criteria (also with several criteria)
  • Adjusting column width and row height
  • Hiding columns and rows
  • Validating formats

Using conditional formatting to highlight important data

  • Highlight cells based on values
  • Highlight duplicates
  • Highlight equals

Introduction to Lists

  • Creating and formatting lists
  • Data validation for lists
  • Creating drop-down lists
  • The autofill function

Intoduction to Pivot Tables

  • What are Pivot Tables, how do they work, and when to use them
  • Creating a Pivot Table
  • Using Pivot filters
  • Updating Pivot table data
  • Exercise Data Analysis
  • Creating a Pivot Chart
  • Tips and tricks for pivot tables

Formulas and Functions

How to work with formulas and functions in Excel.


CELL REFERENCES: The famous “dollar sign”

FUNCTION ASSISTANT: How to use it for function creation

IF: Performs a logical comparison between a specified value and what the user expects.

Nested IF-function: Operating with several conditions

COUNTIF: Counts the number of cells that meet a single condition.

SUMIF: Adds all numbers in a range of cells based on one criterion.

VLOOKUP: (Use case I) Searches for a value in the first column of a range and returns a value in the same row from a specified column.

VLOOKUP: (Use case II) Merging tables based on a common criterion

CONCATENATE / CONCAT: Combines two or more text strings into one string.

LEFT, RIGHT, MID: Extracts a specified number of characters from a text string

TEXT TO COLUMNS: To separate data into columns

COUNT & COUNTA: Counts the number of cells that contain numbers and non-blank cells in a range, respectively.

DATE CALCULATIONS: Calculating duration and dates. Exercise creating a team calender.

Charts & Visualizations

Types of Charts in Excel: Introduction to basic chart types and when best to use which type.

Creating Charts

  • How to select data in Excel to create a chart.
  • Overview of chart elements (title, axis, legends, data series).

Customizing Charts:

  • How to switch between different chart types.
  • Adjusting colours, fonts, and adding data labels
  • Modifying the axis scale and changing axis titles

Advanced Excel Training | 1 day

Tables & Lists

Advanced Excel Table operations

  • Turning a table
  • Apply calculations to certain values in a table at once (e.g. divide all values in a column by 100)
  • Add mini diagrams in tables to show changes in a row of values
  • How to protect data in tables
  • Using data tables for a quick break-even analysis

Best practice approach on how to quickly work with any data in Excel

  • Format as table options
  • Advanced sorting with several criteria and colour

Deep Dive conditional formatting options

  • Traffic light highlighting
  • Show changes with arrows
  • Apply heatmaps
  • Change colour of a cell based on value of another cell

Advanced Pivot Table techniques

  • Field List Customization
  • One-Click Multiple Reports
  • Drill-Down Feature
  • Data Bars Integration
  • Calculated Fields
  • Column Differences Calculation
  • Smart Custom Number Formatting
  • Custom Groupings Creation
  • Date Grouping Customization
  • Timeline Addition
  • Tips and tricks for pivot tables

Advanced Formulas & Functions

VLOOKUP: Most common use cases

INDEX & MATCH: A powerful combination for lookup operations, more flexible than VLOOKUP

IF and nested IF with AND/OR: Combining IF with AND/OR for complex conditional logic.

SUMPRODUCT: To perform multiple calculations on arrays of data and then sum up the results, all in a single step

TREND: For forecasting

COUNTIF in combination with visualization: Quickly show the results of a survey

DATE & TIME CALCULATIONS: Calculating duration and dates. Exercise creating project plan

MONITOR FUNCTIONS: How to monitor changes over time

TRIM: Removes extra spaces from text except for single spaces between words.

MACROS: Introduction on how to record macros in Excel to eliminate repetitive tasks

Charts & Visualizations

Gestalt principles: Design techniques to direct your audience’s attention and make charts easy to comprehend. Exercise visualization of a trend.

Creating effective charts: Building advanced charts that require some modifications to the standards Excel charts, such as

  • Budget comparison with overlapping bar charts
  • Dot-plot chart
  • Bridge Chart
  • Benchmark
  • Histogram
  • Historic data and forecast data in one chart

Excel corporate training skillday

Taught by Excel trainer Joern Steinz

Joern Steinz (MBA)

Your Excel for business trainer is Joern Steinz, founder of the corporate training agency SkillDay based in Hamburg. Through his work as a consultant at Accenture and as a manager in the corporate development department of XING AG, he has lived in Excel for years. In 2012, he founded SkillDay, an agency for inspiring and effective business training. Mr. Steinz is a lecturer at the International School of Management (ISM) and a graduate of the EADA Business School in Barcelona. On Google+, his workshops are rated an average of 4.9 out of 5 possible points.

For any questions and requests regarding the training, Mr. Steinz is happy to be of service at

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