Time Management Training

How to manage your time box to get the most important things done.

How we elevate time management skills

We offer time management talks and workshops for companies across three learning areas:


Proven techniques for identifying what matters most.

Work organization

Best practices for execution and getting things done.


Creating clarity about motivation and managing one’s energy.

Content time management training

10 ideas for better time management

  1. The 6 universal options to manage any demands on our time
  2. Iceberg principle – understanding what motivates us 
  3. Rock principle for weekly planning
  4. Ivy Lee method for day-to-day time management
  5. Making the most out of the Eisenhower matrix (including the Pareto principle)
  6. How to use Kanban to set boundaries on workload
  7. Inbox Zero Email Management
  8. Mitigating interruptions and context-switching
  9. Managing one’s energy curve
  10. The circle – we are what and how we do things
    time management training skillday

    Taught by time management coach Joern Steinz

    Time management trainer joern steinz

    Joern Steinz (MBA)

    Joern Steinz is an experienced time management coach who has been experimenting with all kinds of time management methods for years. He regularly shares his experiences and his best tips and tricks in his time management seminar across Europe, as well as in time management webinars, and also offers in-house time management workshops for companies and organizations upon request.

    Based on his productivity experiments, Joern Steinz demonstrates in his time management training how anyone can become more productive, composed, and self-directed using simple systems and principles. The time management methods and productivity techniques presented can be immediately applied in everyday life by you and your audience.

    Joern is also happy to work with you in advance to find the ideas that resonate most and help your audience improve their time management the most.

    Founded in 2012, SkillDay workshops on Google have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

    Excerpts from over 600 references to SkillDay training include prestigious clients such as Allianz, Audi, Bayer, Capgemini, DEG, Deutsche Bahn, Discovery Channel, E.ON, Ferrero, Horváth & Partner, James Hardie, Oldenburg State Bank, Link11, Lufthansa, McKinsey & Company, Navvis, Personio, Porsche, PWC, Robert Koch Institute, Ravensburger, RWE, Sanofi, Saubermacher, Siemens, S-Kreditpartner, Vincotec, Volkswagen, Vienna Stock Exchange, along with a wide range of agencies, trainers, coaches, and consultants.

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