1-day workshop

Facilitation Training for workshops & meetings

In this fun, fast-paced, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn by doing as Joern Steinz from INNOMINDS leads you through a 6 steps universal framework to design workshops and meetings of any kind. Super-compressed into 1 day, you will experience > 20 activities that will help you to make any workshop and meeting a success.

In this training, Joern will rapidly lead you through all six stages of a universal workshop process, teaching you how the various steps fit together and why and how they work. You’ll learn tips and tricks for facilitating any workshop and for incorporating these techniques into normal meetings.

Own the room and get great results!

Next dates

April 11, 2024
9.00am-5.00pm CET
(Amsterdam time)

May 6, 2024
8.00am 4.00pm ET
(New York time)

Live online

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Facilitator certificate + slides & templates

How and what you will learn

You learn how to design a workshop that is bound to be a success, and how to lead a team through the workshop stages with confidence: Understand what success looks like before the workshop starts, and combine the most suitable activities for the desired results and available time and people. In the workshop, you explore activities to generate options, and how to make smart decisions without lengthy discussion. Following, we show you how results can be made more specific so that the workshop team develops a common language and understanding of the selected result. Any workshop should end with a clear commitment to the next steps and responsibilities. Based on a proven template, we help you to follow up after the workshop or meeting so that actions are taken. We will also reflect on how to apply the concept to your specific topics and workday, and you have the chance to directly clarify any potential questions.

Facilitation training

In our workshop, you work together in a team with 3-4 other participants in order to directly experience the activities on real workshop challenges. As a whiteboard and workspace, we use Mural and Zoom breakout sessions.

Workshop facilitator Joern Steinz (MBA)

Joern Steinz is the founder and CEO of the Hamburg-based workshop boutique INNOMINDS. With a professional journey that commenced as a consultant at Accenture after graduating from Business School EADA, Joern later assumed the role of manager at XING, where he immersed himself in developing new services through Design Thinking workshops.

In 2014, leveraging his extensive workshop experience, Joern established INNOMINDS where he developed his universal workshop process. Over the years, he has successfully conducted this process over 1,000 times, collaborating with renowned companies such as DHL, Mercedes, and Lufthansa. Today, Joern´s workshop methodology is employed by diverse teams ranging from startups to public service organizations for effective problem-solving and the development of innovative ideas.

Agenda 1-day Facilitation Training


  • Difference between workshop facilitation and workshop moderation
  • The universal 6 phases structure of any workshops
  • Questions techniques
  • Visualization techniques (visual alphabet)

Team Building and Icebreaker:

  • Quick activities to foster team spirit in a workshop group

Best of workshop activities for the 6 workshop phases:

  • Workshop Framing
  • Sailboat
  • Our Journey
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Dot Voting
  • Team Ranking
  • Impact-Effort-Matrix
  • Buffet-Method
  • Journey Mapping
  • Value Curves
  • Brainwriting & Brainstorming rules
  • Perspective change
  • Head stand method
  • Storyboarding
  • Art Gallery
  • How might we
  • Press release of the future
  • Canvas types
  • 6 Heads
  • World Café
  • Task table
  • Next Actions framework

Registration Facilitation Training

Own the room and get better results in workshops and meetings.

April 11, 2024 9.00am-5.00pm CET (Amsterdam time)

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May 6, 2024 8.00am 4.00pm ET (New York time)

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