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Sales Presentation Training

Learn to apply storytelling, slide design & communication techniques.

Master the Art of Persuasion in just 3 Hours: Our live online workshop, led by presentation coach Joern Steinz (MBA), is a game-changer for professionals across fields. Drawing on proven techniques used by iconic presenters like Steve Jobs and strategies from leading consultancies like McKinsey, this session is not just about learning but applying. Dive into the art of impactful storytelling and advanced design principles to transform your ideas into captivating narratives. Joern Steinz brings his extensive experience and unique insights, ensuring you walk away with practical skills and strategies. Engage in interactive exercises, receive personalized feedback, and join a community of motivated professionals.

This workshop is not just for sales professionals, but for anyone looking to elevate their presentation skills. Transform your presentations from informative to influential.

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Next dates

January 25, 2024
9.00am-12.00am ET
(New York time)

January 26, 2024
9.30am-12.30am CET
(Amsterdam & Berlin time)

Live online

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349€+VAT | 349USD+VAT


Certificate + slides & templates

Also in-company training

We also provide in-company training upon request, available both onsite and remotely.

I was sceptical about whether an online presentation training would work well – but now I am thrilled: Great methods and tips with direct practical application. I am looking forward to implementing what I’ve learned in my next presentation.
(Marketing Manager, German Aerospace Center)

What you will learn

Agenda sales presentation training

Brief introduction on how the brain works

  • How the brain processes information and key factors in capturing attention
  • Understanding why engaging the audience’s instinctive responses is critical before appealing to higher reasoning

Storytelling: Structuring content convincingly

  • The Hero’s Journey as a universal presentation structure
  • Case study: Steve Jobs’ presentations
  • Applying the Hero’s Journey to a professional topic of your choice
  • Alternative presentation structures to the Hero’s Journey:
    • McKinsey’s five-sentence structure
    • Recommendation tree
    • Pyramid

Slide Design: Creating easily understandable slides

  • Principles of proximity, similarity, connection, and common region
  • Strategic use of colour to guide audience focus
  • Exercise to visualize a trend
  • Rule of 3 for using images
  • Alternatives to bullet points
  • Exercise creating a compelling timeline

Communication techniques

  • Four key elements to make statements stick in your audience’s memory
  • Interactive exercise: Reformulating statements for impact
  • Lead questions
  • Tips on how to present slides

Presentation Coach Joern Steinz (MBA)

Empowering professionals to communicate their ideas with clarity and impact

Joern Steinz, MBA, founder and CEO of the workshop and presentation boutique INNOMINDS, is an expert in presentation coaching. A graduate of EADA Business School, Joern began his career at Accenture as a consultant, progressing to a role as Corporate Development Manager at XING and later at the freenet group. In his career, he regularly crafted compelling presentations for management and stakeholders, honing his expertise in impactful communication.

Renowned for his practical approach, Joern integrates the latest trends and insights in presentation strategy, ensuring his methods are at the forefront of presentation best practices and effectiveness. Joern’s client roster include companies like Allianz, DHL, Mercedes, Lufthansa, Vienna Stock Exchange, Vincotech and hundreds more. 

Registration Sales Presentation Training

Please use the following form for your registration. You will receive your registration confirmation and invoice within 24 hours. If you are interested in an in-house corporate training, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About our in-company sales presentation training

The training session spans 3 hours, and for an in-company format, the cost is 800€ plus tax, independent of the number of participants. 

If you have more time to invest, we highly recommend our 1-day training, priced at 1.500€ plus tax. This extended session includes additional exercises, particularly giving participants the opportunity to apply presentation structures to a topic of their choosing. They will also have the chance to deliver a 3-minute presentation and receive constructive feedback. In addition, a 1-day training allows more time to dive deeper into slide design exercises.

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