Corporate presentation training

Elevate leadership impact with our corporate presentation training. Equip managers & leaders with the skills to captivate and influence.
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Agenda for corporate presentation training

Welcome & short introduction on how the brain
processes information and what generally gets attention
09.45h – 13.00h
STORYTELLING: How can presentations be structured
The hero’s journey as a universal presentation structure
Example presentation Steve Jobs
Application of the Hero’s Journey to your own topic from
a professional context
3-minute presentation on the application of the hero’s
Alternative presentation structures to the hero’s journey:
McKinsey 5 sentence
Recommendation tree

13.45h to 17.00h
SLIDE DESIGN: How can slides be designed to be easy
to understand?
Design principles:
Principle of visual hierarchy
Principle of proximity
Principle of similarity
Principle of connectedness
Principle of the common region
Using colour strategically to direct the attention of our
target group
Slide design
Collaborative exercises to create engaging slides for
common use cases:
Showing trends
Before and after comparisons
Alternatives to bullet points
Using transitions professionally
Integration of images
Crop, edit and standardise images to shapes
Tips on proportions and alignment
Slide tuning: Participants present slides for which they
would like alternative options and inspiration. Joint
revision of the slides.
Closing exercise
4 approaches to formulating statements that have a good
chance of being remembered