Design Thinking Training

Design Thinking Training

In this inspiring, fast-paced and practical full-day workshop, you will learn Design Thinking directly from the experienced innovation coach Joern Steinz. He is the founder and CEO of the Hamburg based Design Thinking agency Innominds. Since 2014 he has run hundreds of Design Thinking workshops for teams of leading companies such as Audi, AstraZeneca, Lufthansa and Personio.

In the training, Joern will lead you through a simulated Design Thinking process in the shortest possible time and teach you how to identify opportunities for innovation through journey mapping, systematic ideas generation and solution sketching.

As an outcome of the day, you will be able to run your own Design Thinking workshops. In addition to your training experience, you will be equipped with a concrete recipe of templates and step-by-step instructions that you can directly apply to your work.

Contents Design Thinking training

Learn how to:

  • apply the principles and facilitate the core activities of the 5 stages of the Design Thinking process
  • identify starting points for a Design Thinking workshop through journey mapping and jobs-to-done techniques
  • define and frame a problem
  • systematically generate ideas and select the most relevant ones without energy draining discussions
  • make ideas more tangible with prototyping options
  • systematically test solutions

Furthermore, you will experience the power of guided team ideation that will lead your team to ideas, that you can’t get to in one mind.

About the Design Thinking Method

Design Thinking is a structured 5-step process that aims to develop customer-centric solutions. The method was pioneered by David Kelley, the founder of the Silicon Valley based design firm IDEO. In its core, Design Thinking incorporates human behaviour into design to come up with solutions that are more desirable for users. With its method, IDEO has created thousands of break-through inventions, including the first computer mouse from Apple and the first stand-up toothpaste tube. IDEO may be the most influential product design company in the world. Over the years IDEO got asked to apply its approach also to other areas than product design. Hence, Design Thinking has evolved into a universal problem-solving technique for any area of life.

The target group for our Design Thinking training

The Design Thinking method is for anyone who likes to foster their creative confidence. Whether you are just interested in learning workshop activities for more effective meeting or if you are looking for a proven process to develop new solutions, the day will be worth the entrance. Participants of our Design Thinking training usually are in the role of

  • founders and executives
  • team leaders and managers
  • product managers
  • marketers
  • sales executives
  • HR managers
  • designers
  • engineers

Date and time

Friday, 11 February 2022
09:00h – 16:00h (Berlin / Central European Time)

Virtual workshop

We send you an invitation link for Zoom with your registration.

Certificate & resources

You receive a personal certificate for your participation & extensive documentation with ready to use templates to run your own Design Thinking workshops.

299€ + VAT

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About your Design Thinking Trainer

Joern Steinz (MBA)

Joern is the founder and CEO of the Hamburg based innovation agency Innominds. He has coached hundreds of teams in the use of agile methods since 2014. Previously, Joern had worked at Accenture, XING and the freenet group where he helped to develop new products and services. He studied business administration in Aachen and Coventry and is an alumnus of the EADA Business School in Barcelona.

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