Excel Pivot Tables Training

You want your team to be versatile in working with Excel Pivot Tables. We offer you hands-on training live online as well as in-company.

Training contents:

Introducing to Excel Pivot Tables

  • Format data for use in a Pivot Table
  • How to create a Pivot Table
  • Pivot a Pivot Table
  • Configure a Pivot Table
  • Consolidate data from multiple sources
  • Define a default Pivot Table layout

Summarizing Pivot Table Data

  • Manage subtotals and grand totals
  • Change the data field summary operation
  • Summarize more than one data field
  • Manage dates in a Pivot Table
  • Create a calculated field

Sorting and filtering Pivot table data

  • Sort Pivot Table data
  • Create a custom sort order
  • Filter a Pivot Table field by selection
  • Filter a Pivot Table by rule
  • Filter a Pivot Table using a search filter
  • Filter a Pivot Table using slicers
  • Clear and reapply Pivot Table filters
  • Filter a Pivot Table using a timeline

Formatting Pivot Tables

  • Apply a Pivot Table style
  • Create a Pivot Table style
  • Change the Pivot Table layout
  • Change the data field number format
  • Apply conditional formatting to Pivot Tables
  • Highlight cells by applying a rule
  • Highlight the top or bottom values in a Pivot Table
  • Format cells using data bars
  • Format cells using color scales
  • Format cells using icon sets
  • Edit a conditional formatting rule
  • Control how multiple rules are applied
  • Delete a conditional formatting rule

Creating and formatting PivotTables Charts

  • Create a Pivot Chart
  • Pivot a Pivot Chart
  • Filter a Pivot Chart
  • Format a Pivot Chart
  • Change the layout of a Pivot Chart
  • Change the chart type of a Pivot Chart

Printing Pivot Tables

  • Print a Pivot Table
  • Set Pivot Table print options
  • Print a Pivot Chart

Automate operations with macros

  • Record and review an Excel macro
  • Run an Excel macro

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