Progressive by Design: How to Be Bolder in Creative Thinking

Innovation Talk For Companies

In our Innovation Talk you will discover how to unlock the potential of Design Thinking, a globally trusted process to foster innovation and creative problem-solving. This interactive talk will guide you through the essentials of Design Thinking, demonstrating its application not only in your professional life but also across all areas of personal engagement.

What You Will Learn:

Introduction to Design Thinking:

  • Origins and Popularity: Discover the roots of Design Thinking and understand why it has become so popular in product and service development.
  • Philosophical Foundations: Explore the underlying philosophy that drives Design Thinking and how it promotes a culture of innovation, including principles like thinking in journeys, embracing ambiguity, and being prototype-driven.
  • Practical Examples: Learn through real-world examples how Design Thinking provides tangible solutions.

The Process and Key Activities Explained:

  • From Exploration to Execution: Walk through the stages of Design Thinking and learn the essential activities that lead to results.
  • Quick Exercise: Journey Mapping a personal task to experience and apply the power of journey mapping
  • Peak Moments: How to design an experience, that will be remembered.

Summary Takeaways and Potential Next Steps:

Summary top 3 takeaways and practical tips on how to apply Design Thinking in your daily work with co-workers, customers, suppliers, and in other areas of life.


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