Interactive live virtual training for corporations

Our training takes place on a fixed schedule and can be joined spontaneously by members of our clients. The sessions are taught in English and German by inspiring instructors from the practice and are comfortable to join during work hours in Europe.

You can use our training to

  • build core skills among your workforce
  • offer a systematic onboarding for new hires
  • inspire the acquisition of new skills

2h interactive live online training

We foster the most important work skills in well digestible in 2h sessions. Each training has a clear focus that builds skills that can be immediately applied in practice. Topics encompass Excel, presentation skills, self- and time management, creative thinking, leadership, decision-making, and many more.

Fixed schedule, spontaneous to join

Every week, we offer up to 20 scheduled training that can be joined spontaneously via Zoom. Some communication skills training have a limit of 8 participants to ensure that all participants can share their perspective, while other trainings, such as Excel can be joined by up to 100 people at once.

Attractive corporate flat rate

You can offer our effective training to your staff for a very competitive flat rate that is based on the size of your organization.

We Love To Hear From You

We are a corporate training agency based in Hamburg, Germany.

To learn more, you may also visit our more comprehensive website in German at

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Jörn Steinz (MBA)