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Business TRAINING for real work

No boring PowerPoints or endless talks. We provide Interactive education that is a shared experience with connections to other participants. Build your skills right away in 5 main disciplines that are essential for peak performance in today’s ever faster and volatile work environment.

Creativity & problem solving skills


Self- and time management skills

Communication & presentation skills

Project management skills

Examples of our virtual training

Design Thinking training

Design Thinking Training

Develop creative confidence and genuine client-centred thinking.

You want to develop solutions that inspire – then our Design Thinking training is ideal for you. Based on a real question, you will go through the entire process and experience the individual activities. Design thinking is a philosophy, a set of methods, but above all a team sport. You will learn how to systematically work out ideas as a group that are far beyond what you can achieve alone.

Workshop Moderation Training

Workshop Master

Methods and techniques to facilitate workshops effectively.

You want to moderate workshops for any occasion with confidence. Then our Workshop Master Training is ideal for you. We offer you a flexible toolbox to successfully design and facilitate workshops of any kind. You will learn to use plenty of practical frameworks and also receive many detailed tips on facilitation in practice.

Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

The wonder weapon of modern management for agile leadership and self-organising teams.

Learn to apply the popular agile target management method from the Silicon Valley. Ideal for managers and leaders who want more alignment for the execution of the corporate strategy and more agility in leading their teams.

agile methods training

Agile Methods Compact

Experience the most important agile methods compactly in 2 days.

In this seminar we show you the big bracket around the most popular agile methods. You will learn what each method is best suited for, how it works, and how it is related to the others.

Storytelling & Slide Design for effective Presentations

Learn to seize storytelling and slide design techniques to structure topics clearly and make content easy to comprehend.

How can I attract and hold the attention of my audience? What structure options exist, and which structure is most suitable for which type of presentation? How can I make slides easy to understand? Are you asking yourself these questions? Then we should see each other in the seminar.

Zeitmanagement Seminar

Self- & Time Management Training

How to continuously do your most important tasks and act more than react.

Good time management requires systems and productive habits that can be easily integrated into everyday life. With our time management training, you will receive a holistic set of methods for your own preferences.
excel schulung online

Excel Bootcamp

Confidently perform data analyses, calculations and visualisations with Excel.

You want to use Excel effectively and efficiently for working with tables, functions and visualising data. In our interactive Excel training we show you step by step how to do it.

Business Model Innovation Training

Business Model Thinking

Analyse business models and systematically identify opportunities for innovation.

How can business models be described, compared and opportunities for business model innovation identified? With the help of the Business Model Canvas© and other tools, we develop a common language for the core elements of business models.