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We are a Hamburg-based training agency offering in person and online global training services.

Welcome to SkillDay: Your Global Training Provider from Hamburg

At SkillDay, we pride ourselves on being a leading global training provider based in Hamburg. We offer both in-person and online training services to clients worldwide, empowering individuals and teams with the skills they need to excel in their professional journeys. Whether you’re looking to enhance your core skills, leadership abilities, knowledge of AI, or innovation techniques, SkillDay has you covered.

Our Training Topics


Our core skills training programs are designed to help you master essential tools and techniques crucial for personal and professional success. Explore our offerings:

  • Creativity Techniques: Unlock your creative potential and learn innovative ways to generate ideas.
  • Data Storytelling: Transform complex data into compelling narratives.
  • Data Visualization: Learn how to present data clearly and effectively.
  • Effective Handling of Tables and Lists in Excel: Master the art of organizing and analyzing data in Excel.
  • Pivot Table Mastery: Gain expertise in creating and using pivot tables.
  • Top Excel Functions: Discover the most powerful functions in Excel and how to use them.
  • Google Sheets: Maximize your productivity with Google’s powerful spreadsheet tool.
  • Slide Design: Create visually stunning and impactful presentations.
  • Storylining for Presentations: Develop compelling storylines that engage your audience.
  • Problem-Solving Techniques: Enhance your ability to solve problems efficiently and effectively.
  • Self- & Time Management: Learn strategies to manage your time and tasks effectively.
  • Workshop Facilitation: Acquire the skills to facilitate productive and engaging workshops.


Our leadership training programs are tailored to help you succeed in your management roles, whether you’re a new manager or an experienced leader looking to refine your skills:

  • Succeeding as a First Time Manager: Navigate the challenges of your first managerial role with confidence.
  • Goal Setting Training: Learn how to set and achieve meaningful goals.
  • Decision-Making Techniques: Improve your decision-making processes with proven techniques.
  • OKR Development & Management: Master the OKR framework to drive performance and alignment.
  • Viva Goals: Leverage Microsoft’s Viva Goals to align and achieve strategic objectives.
  • Running Effective Meetings: Conduct meetings that are productive and time-efficient.
  • Change Management: Lead your team through change successfully.
  • How to Give Feedback: Develop the skills to provide constructive and impactful feedback.
  • Managing Teams: Learn effective team management strategies to boost performance and morale.


Stay ahead of the curve with our AI training programs, designed to enhance your productivity and innovation:

  • How to Use Chat GPT for Work: Integrate Chat GPT into your workflow for enhanced productivity.
  • AI for Personal Productivity: Utilize AI tools to optimize your daily tasks.
  • AI for Marketers: Discover how AI can revolutionize your marketing strategies.
  • AI for Sales Managers: Leverage AI to improve sales performance and efficiency.
  • AI for Innovation Projects: Implement AI to drive innovation within your projects.


Innovation is the key to staying competitive in today’s fast-paced world. Our innovation training programs will equip you with the latest methodologies and tools:

  • Agile Methods Compact: Understand and apply agile methodologies to your projects.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Create detailed maps of your customer journeys to enhance experience.
  • Customer Experience Design: Design exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty.
  • Design Thinking: Adopt a design thinking approach to problem-solving and innovation.
  • Design Sprints: Learn how to run effective design sprints to accelerate innovation.
  • Jobs to be Done: Understand the “Jobs to be Done” theory to identify customer needs.
  • Lean Startup: Apply lean startup principles to launch and scale your business.
  • Business Model Innovation: Innovate your business model to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Value Curves: Analyze and create value curves to identify strategic opportunities.

Our training topics are continuously updated and expanded to ensure you have access to the most current and relevant information.

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